FRD 200 – Essentials in Workers’ Compensation Fraud Identification



Explore the many different “faces” of fraud including claimant fraud, employer fraud, medical fraud, prescription drug fraud, and insider fraud. Review the many types of investigation tools and activities that can be utilized at the employer and carrier levels and the various ways employers can adopt a culture of “zero tolerance” for fraud in the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud Defined
  • Explore the various forms of claimant fraud
  • Red flags of claimant fraud
  • Explore the various forms of employer fraud
  • Red flags of employer fraud
  • Explore the various forms of medical fraud
  • Red flags of provider fraud
  • Explore the various forms of insider/professional fraud including claim handler, broker, and attorney fraud
  • Creating a culture of zero tolerance
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Employer-level investigation
  • Carrier-level investigation
  • An inside view “Things Investigators Do”

Who should attend:

  • Workers’ compensation claims adjusters
  • Medical only claims Adjusters
  • TPA / Self-insured claims personnel
  • Agent/Broker workers’ compensation claims staff

Fraud 200 will be offered in the Spring semester of 2019. Please check back November 2018 for firm dates.