CPWC15 – Workers Compensation Fraud



Workers’ Compensation Origins and Overview

CPWC (Claims Practitioner in Workers’ Compensation) is a 24 unit certification program developed to meet the needs of emerging claims practitioners. This program offers comprehensive training in foundation principles required to become a certified California WC Claims Adjuster and provides the required 120 classroom hours. Presented at a practical desk level, this curriculum includes learning tools such as case studies and soft skills along with technical information.  Components of the CPWC will also help fulfill certification requirements for California WC Medical Review or Medical Only adjusters.

Module 15 – Fraud

In this 14th module, we will continue to look at the actions of the parties within the Workers Compensation system and learn if and how those actions constitute criminal fraud and the legal obligations when fraud is suspected. Practically, you will be learning the difference between abuse within the system and fraud, which is a criminal act.

Lecture Topics Covered

  1. Ethical Issue
  2. LC and Regulatory Compliance
  3. Conflicts of Interest
  4. Fiduciary Responsibility
  5. Employer’s Bill of Rights
  6. Safe Work Environments

Who should attend.

  • Indemnity Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjusters
  • Medical Bill Review Adjustors
  • Medical Only Claims Adjustors
  • TPA / Self Insured Claims Personnel
  • Agent/Broker Workers’ Compensation Claims Staff



Robert Cornelow

Course Type

OnDemand Workshop

Dates & Times

On Demand

Total 5 Hours


Online – OnDemand

CPWC15  OD  Cornelow



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