Is Your Organization Ready for the New Workers’ Compensation Laws of 2017?

It is now 2017 and the new  workers’ compensation laws have taken full effect. Our annual New Laws workshop with Professor David Chetcuti have gotten off to rave reviews in Northern California, and we are poised to deliver these courses in Southern California.

It is not every day that you get to hear a subject matter expert that really knows his stuff, but also knows how to deliver it in a way that keeps you engaged and on your toes.  Join us as Professor Chetcuti discusses:

  1. California WC regulations now require employers to REPORT expenditures in First Aid Claim.  How are your employer clients dealing with this?

  2. A spouse is a spouse is a spouse, not so fast.  There are six definitions of spouse that impact workers’ compensation claims today.

  3. If I got married by the captain on my Crystal Cruise will my marriage be recognized in California?  Will I be a spouse?

  4. How many FREE copies of subpoenaed records do we have to supply a WC injured worker’s attorney?  The original and one copy are required for Free.

Find out about this and more at the Annual IEA New Workers Compensation Laws workshops.   Workshops still available in San Diego, Costa Mesa, and Glendale .   Enroll Now!!

Photo of female doctor with colleagues by imagerymajestic.  Published on 29 January 2012