Enroll in IEA’s Intro to Workers’ Compensation Claims workshop and get the foundation skills you need for success. Sign up for this 2-day event and learn the grounding principles every claims handler should know. This program is a great start for new hires, as well as those planning to continue with their professional development goals in the WCCA or CPWC certificate programs.  Also a great starter program for benefits staff, HR personnel, medical providers, and property casualty agent/brokers. Earn 3 CEUs for agent broker credit, CA-WC-Cert, CPDM, CPCU and CCMP. Key Takeaways include:
  • History of the California workers’ compensation claims system
  • Understand the benefits
  • Workers’ compensation claims terminology
  • Comprehend concepts and processes of AOE/COE, medical treatment, temporary and permanent disability, and the litigation process ENROLL TODAY
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    Workers’ Compensation Fraud Identification

    There are many forms of fraud in the workers’ compensation arena: claimant fraud, employer fraud, and professional fraud. Join IEA for a fast paced webinar and explore the many faces of fraud in workers’ compensation and how to identify them. Key takeaways include:
  • The  “red flags” that can be used to identify potential workers’ compensation fraud? ?
  • Types of activities that employers and carriers can conduct to investigate fraud?
  • How employers can develop a workplace that has “zero tolerance” for fraud?
  • What is the cost of prosecuting fraud? Where does the funding come from and who gets the money?
  • Diana Henderson, CPFI, WCCP will present this one-hour CE approved event.  Join us! Learn More  ... READ MORE >

    New Workers’ Comp Laws, 2018

    Did you know that 13 NEW workers’ compensation laws take effect on January 1st, 2018? Join IEA and Professor David Chetcuti to learn more about the latest changes in California workers’ comp legislation and how it affects YOU! This annual statewide event rolls out from San Francisco to San Diego in January and February of 2018. In addition to the 13 new workers’ comp laws, we’ll discuss a range of other topics including:
  • The LeBoeuf decision. Is it dead for post 1/1/13 injuries? Come find out at the New workers’ comp laws workshop
  • Voucher fraud! Can you spot the top 10 ways fraud is being committed? We’ll show you how
  • 12 most successful strategies to engage injured employees? Join us to learn this and so much more
  • Vocational consultant reports. Are they still admissible in workers’ comp for post 1/1/13 injuries?
  • What’s the best way to hire a Medicare Custodial Account Company?
  • This workshop offers a great training and CE opportunity for Workers’ Comp professionals, Disability Management professionals,... READ MORE >

    Cannabis and the Insurance Industry

  • Did you know that Cannabis industry revenues are growing 24% per year?
  • Did you know that while Cannabis is legal in 29 states, it’s actually illegal federally?
  • This makes for a tricky situation for insurance which is based on contact law, meaning that  a contract must have a legal purpose.
  • Government and the insurance industry is rushing to legitimize the plant to ensure appropriate regulation, taxes, and underwriting
  • Legally, the cannabis industry exists in a grey area;  Attend IEA’s one-hour webinar on December 6th, and take a whirlwind tour through how the cannabis industry is evolving and how the insurance industry is responding.  We’ll identify the key areas where these industries intersect and we’ll discuss how things are trending for the future. Learn More   Cannabis photo by Paul. Published on 03 September 2010 Stock photo – Image ID: 10020100 Insurance graphic by Stuart Miles. Published on 18 May 2016 Stock photo – Image ID: 100417631... READ MORE >