Cannabis and the Insurance Industry

  • Did you know that Cannabis industry revenues are growing 24% per year?

  • Did you know that while Cannabis is legal in 29 states, it’s actually illegal federally?

  • This makes for a tricky situation for insurance which is based on contact law, meaning that  a contract must have a legal purpose.

  • Government and the insurance industry is rushing to legitimize the plant to ensure appropriate regulation, taxes, and underwriting

Legally, the cannabis industry exists in a grey area;  Attend IEA’s one-hour webinar on December 6th, and take a whirlwind tour through how the cannabis industry is evolving and how the insurance industry is responding.  We’ll identify the key areas where these industries intersect and we’ll discuss how things are trending for the future.

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Cannabis photo by Paul. Published on 03 September 2010
Stock photo – Image ID: 10020100

Insurance graphic by Stuart Miles. Published on 18 May 2016
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